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    Vastu For Pooja Room

    the pooja room in a house should be planned according to vastu shashtra, because it is the place where you meditate and worship.

    yellow can be painted in pooja room.

    pooda room is very important as we gain positive power here, it is a personal room for our beloved god. pooja room is a sacred place. vastu tips for pooja room it boost positivily in your house .. pooja room is a place where we worship god to charge our body mind and consider religiously.

    there are some points need to be considered in order to achive the hoped for results to your house.

    according to vastu shastra, the best direction in the house to build pooja room is northeast followed by east and north directions. norteast receives the most beneficial energies of sun therefor , it is full of satawik tatva or pure essence (positive vibrations

    we should face east or north directions while doing pooja or meditation.

    pooja room should be well ventilated with plenty or natural light and air.

    large windows should be provide in the east or north direction.

    or there should be proper sources or artificial light.

    don't store any thing above the puja ghar.

    don't share the pooja ghar wall with toilet or bathroom.

    don't sit bare on the floor while doing pooja or meditation.

    don't place the photos of dead people along with the deities.

    yellow color is good for pooja or meditation room. as yellow color depicts wisdom.

    Requirement for the analysis:

    Layout and location of the toilet
    Your personal nature (100 words that describes you)
    Your liking of colors
    About your Relations and family
    Health issues

    Report for Vaastu Includes:

    Mentioning of Defects
    There possible defects
    Remedies without any demolition
    Location of looking glass
    Location of the toilet pot.
    Location of the shower.
    Location of the wash basin.
    Location of the dust bin.
    Color of the bath/toilet room.
    Decoration of the toilet.

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