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    Vastu For Plots

    Vastu For Plots/Vaastu For Plots


    - Plot facing East is good for scholars, philosophers, priests, professors, teachers etc.

    - Plot facing North is good for those in power, administration and those who work for government.

    - Plot facing South is good for business class and for those who work in business organisation.

    - Plot facing West is for those who provide supporting services to the society.


    According to Vastu Shastra, a plot or site of land should not be purchased :

    - From those who became insolvent

    - From person suffering from leprosy

    - From lunatics

    - From people who have left the country, etc.

    Similarly, land donated to temple, allotted to watchman of village or colony, land in possession of charitable trusts, land without any title deed should not be purchased. Land containing boulders, ant hills, worm hills, bones and skeleton etc, should not be acquired.


    This is most important.
    If the surroundings are not good, we suffer in many ways.

    - Plots which are fertile with plants and greeneries are very good.

    - A river or big canal nearby and if it is in North side and water flows from West to East, it is good.

    - Similarly if it is on East side of the plot with water flowing from South to North, that is also good.

    - But plots with rivers or canal flowing on West or South side of the plot should be avoided.

    - Hills, hillocks, mounds of Earth, big boulders etc on the Southern, South West and Western sides of the plot is good : in other sides, it will mar the progress.

    - There should be no graveyard, cemetery or tomb adjacent to the plot or in front or back.

    - Location of temples near the plot also affect the inmates. Temple on the right side of a plot cause material loss, on the left, grief and sorrow, in front, obstruction to progress and in the 100 feet apart, those disastrous result are avoided.

    - Similarly plot very near to Cinema-theatres, schools and colleges are to be avoided.


    If there are obstructions of the undernoted types before main gate of the plot, following problems will arise as per BRAHUSANHITHA.

    - Big Tree-obstruction to the progress of children,

    - Gutter or Ditch-grief,

    - Open well- mental problem,

    - Corner of another building-mental unrest,

    - Water drain-draining of income by unwanted expenses,

    - Straight street-affecting longevity of inmates,

    - Dilapidated house or walls-affecting prosperity,

    - Staircase railings-sadness,

    - Pillars; Electric and telephone post-affecting females.

    According to VASTU SHASTRA and BRAHUSANHITA these are called VEDH DOSHA. But in between the plot and obstacles if there is a public road, these deficiencies are nullified.

    Similarly, if the distance between the obstacles and the house is two times the height of the house, these deficiencies will have no effect. For example, if the height of the house is 11 feet and if the obstructions are more than 22 feet away, Vedh Dosha vanishes.


    The surroundings of our neighbouring houses on all sides also affect us.

    • Rain water falling from the roofs of neighbours should not flow into our plot particularly from North or East direction.

    • The affluent of neighbour should not flow into our plot.

    • In the North East side of the plot high-rise or tall buildings should not be there because such high rise buildings give rise to mental unrest. But if they are in South, South West or Western sides that will be auspicious to the buyer of the new plot or house.

    • In between two neighbouring big plots, a smaller plot should not be purchased. Similarly between two tall buildings, a small house should not be bought. This will make the buyer poorer day by day.

    • A plot measuring 180 feet By 100 feet (180*100) was purchased by three parties

    Be cautious before buying new properties,because you can earn money and spend it, but you cannot earn luck or good life, its not available in the market. So don't buy the property with your own vastu knowledge, it may be change your life and your future, fortunately if your decision of buying new plot is right, then all went good, otherwise critical situation has to be faced.

    We earn money and spend it, but we cannot earn luck or good life, its not available in the market. So be cautious before buying new properties, don't buy the property with your own vastu knowledge, it may hurt you in future, fortunately if your decision of buying new plot is OK, then all went good, otherwise critical situation has to be faced.

    Requirement for the analysis:

    Layout and location of the toilet
    Your personal nature(100 words that describes you)
    Your liking of colors
    About your Relations and family
    Health issues

    Report for Vaastu Includes:

    Mentioning of Defects
    There possible defects
    Remedies without any demolition
    Location of looking glass
    Location of the plot .
    Location of the street .
    Location of the wash basin.
    Location of the dust bin.
    Color of the bath/toilet room.
    Decoration of the toilet.

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