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    Vastu For Interiors

    Vastu for Interiors/Vaastu for interiors

    Interiors of a home are significant spaces that have a deep impact on the lives of the inmates. Based on the placement of certain objects in the interiors, the energy in the house can have a positive or negative effect on their lives. Vastu teaches us to live in perfect synchronization with the Nature and take advantage of the five basic elements of nature. Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Space can work well together and give the inmates their blessings for a happy and fulfilling life. Planning the interiors according to the tastes and styles need not always give you happiness and peace. Many people face troubles in their personal and professional life all of a sudden. In retrospect, these problems or troubles could be because of some recent changes in the interiors of the house. Interior designers have the ability to develop safe, functional and aesthetically beautiful interiors according to the wishes of the home owners. But, these beautifully crafted interiors can have a negative effect on the dwellers, if they are not designed according to the principles of vastu.
    Such situations need the expert advice of our team, who can suggest some effective and functional changes in the interiors that can create an impact on the successful living for the members of the household.

    Nature and its impact

    The omnipresent and omnipotent forces of nature can be used to our advantage with the use of vastu principles. The placement of furniture, colors and lighting used and many other objects in the house have an impact on people living around them. The architectural science of vastu can tune up your entire house and drive you towards success and harmony.
    Comprehensive use of vastu while designing your interiors is important. The effects of negative and positive zones in the homes should be cleverly used according to the tips given by Vastu Expert /Vastu consultant for a happy abode that influences your personal and professional well-being.
    Therefore avoid using anything that looks to be painful or ugly. The entire essence of 'vastu for interior' is hidden behind this concept.
    vastu covers everything like positioning and placement of sofa set, bed, Almira having valuables, dining table, kitchen and kitchen appliances study table, paintings, internal texture, starry or normal ceilings, built form, features, shape multiple paints
    and colors for interiors, ceiling inlay and outlay artwork, shelves, borders, concealed lights, fancy lights, chandeliers, false impact lights, curtains, focus lights, chairs, sofa, tables central tables, dining table, beds, back-wall features, niches, wall drawings etc.

    Vastu for interior of a kitchen.

    Heating appliances like gas, ovens, microwave should be kept in southeast directions. Geyser should be installed in northwest area. The sink or washing tub be fixed on the northern.

    Vastu for curtains

    Curtains for bedroom should be light color.
    Avoid black and red color curtains in bedroom.

    Vastu for mirrors

    Mirrors play a very important part in a home and place. It may fill the entire adobe with a lot of positive vibes or negative vibes depend on directions. So be careful while placing the mirrors.
    Avoid mirror opposite to bed in bedroom.
    Avoid mirror in study room.

    Vastu for indoor plants

    Indoor plants are very popular in home decoration. Avoid cactus and bonsai of large tree or any plant that oozes milky substance.
    Avoid big plants and tree in north, east and north-east of the house.

    Vastu colors for home

    The paint of light color is good as per vastu shastra. Prefer light blue, green, pink and cream color for rooms. Avoid excess red and black color in house,

    Vastu color for flooring.

    Vastu floor plans of room’s internal design and color should be advised according the date of birth, sun sign, and other details.
    Wooden flooring is the best, clay, mosaic, ceramic tiles and marble etc.


    Flat ceiling without any cut is good for residential purpose.

    Lighting :

    Please take care while fixing the lights.
    Lighting carry a high value in vastu shastra, hence lighting should be bright in the house because dim light is not favorable for the house.

    Requirement for the analysis :

    Layout and location of the toilet
    Your personal nature (100 words that describes you)
    Your liking of colors
    About your Relations and family
    Health issues

    Report for Vaastu Includes:

    Mentioning of Defects
    There possible defects
    Remedies without any demolition
    Location of looking glass
    Location of the toilet pot.
    Location of the shower.
    Location of the wash basin.
    Location of the dust bin.
    Color of the bath/toilet room.
    Decoration of the toilet.

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