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    Vastu for Entrance and Main Door

    Main entrance of a house is given paramount importance in Vasthu Sastra because it is the direction of entry into a property or home.

    Entrance of a house explains everything because this is the gateway from which energies constantly goes in and out.

    All the negative and positive energies surround here and which is why is important to locate main gate in proper direction to maintain well- being and prosperity in house.

    Best direction for entrance of house is best in North and East sides.

    The entrance gate should be stronger, heavier and bigger than other doors of house.

    Main entrance should never face intersecting roads.

    It is important each room have two doors. If for some reason, only one door could be given in a room, absence of the second door should be compensated by a window. It allows ample of sun rays and air in the room, which is very important for the health of the inmates

    Entrance should be clutter free and clean to make the surrounding positive.

    Entrance shouldn't be dark and this place should be well brighten.

    Garbage or dustbin should not be near the entrance.

    Main entrance of house should not face temple.

    Don’t built any under-water or septic tanks under the main entrance.


    Layout and location of the plot
    Your personal nature (100 words that describes you)
    Your liking of colors
    About your Relations and family
    Health issues


    Mentioning of Defects
    There possible defects
    Remedies without any demolition
    Location of looking glass
    Location of the Road.
    Location of the near temples.
    Location of the school nearby.
    Location of the tree in front of the gate.
    Color of the soil.
    Decoration of the plot.

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