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    Vastu For Doors

    The heart of family life, a living room is a place to receive and entertain guests as well as being an area in which to relax and unwind.This multifunction room is a public area in your private home.

    According to the Vastu Shastra ideal location of the living room is to be directly linked to the main entrance without any obstruction.

    Living room should have easy access to the sunshine. It is good for family health and a source of warmth . It is a vital life force hence the presence of sufficient sunlight is of utmost importance.

    The furniture in the living room should ideally should be placed in such a way that you can see the main entrance from the sitting area. South-west zone of the living area should be used for family seating.

    Living room is the best room in which to activate and make use of the five elements because everyone uses this room. A living area of your home should be clutter-free.

    The living room should not be over-furnished.

    Paintings like running horses, rising sun, rock mountain, bamboo, waterfall, flying birds etc. gives good vibes if placed according to the vastu shastra.

    Photographs of ancestor if placed in the living area, should be on the south west corner only.

    North east corner of living area should be avoided for keeping shoes, old news paper and unwanted things.
    Shape of the living room should be in rectangular or square. L- shaped living room should be square off by using vastu pyramid corners.

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